Responsive web design, or sometimes referred to as “mobile website design”, should no longer be an option. Regardless of whether you are starting a new website design or in need of a website redesign, all of our website designs are mobile responsive across all devices. This means that mobile users will experience a mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate on their mobile device.

What is responsive web design?

It is a website design and website structure that have “fluid grids” in nature instead of absolute set units in size. The page, navigation, content, images, etc will restructure themselves according to the user’s screen size. This is all accomplished during the web development process. The web designer works together with the web developer to determine how the website will respond and how it will look.

Why does responsive web design matter?

The need for excellent user experience on mobile devices is a MUST! With mobile searches now exceeding desktop searches, users must be able to view and navigate your website easily from their mobile devices. There are several other reasons, however, user experience and search engine rankings are by far the most important.

First impressions are everything, so if someone is visiting your website for the first time from their smartphone, you want them to have a positive experience. If your website visitors are forced to do a lot of zooming in and zooming out, pinching their screens during their first visit, they’re likely to give up and go to one of your competitor’s website. In addition, if your website is not mobile-friendly, search engines will rank your website poorly and your competitors will take the lead in the search results.

Can responsive web design services help my seo?

You bet! In fact, after April 21st, 2015 Mobile Friendly Update made by Google, having a responsive web design is an absolute necessity for any company that wants to rank well in the search results. A website that is not mobile-friendly to its users is not friendly to the search engines either.

Will a responsive design help increase traffic?

It sure will! Statistics show that over 50% of all global web traffic originates from mobile devices. That accounts for more than half of all internet traffic and goes to show that you cannot afford to forego responsive web design. In addition, a good mobile version experience reduces bounce rates and increases overall conversions!

Can I make my existing website mobile responsive?

In most cases, the answer would be no. This is because modifying old code could take more time than using new code to make this change. In some cases, the old code simply cannot be combined with new, mobile responsive website code.

The best approach is to have your website completely coded with the latest responsive mobile coding technology. At the same time, you can have your website redesigned with a fresh, new, modern look. It’s a win, win situation with the best results for your business!

What are the benefits of responsive website development?

The primary benefit of responsive web design is that your site loads quickly without any distortions, so users don’t need to manually resize anything to view content on their mobile device. However, there are many other benefits of a responsive website. Below are just
a few:

  • Improved SEO (Google gives better rankings to responsive websites)
  • More mobile traffic, (Mobile traffic has increased more than 50% of desktop traffic)
  • Improved mobile browsing (No need to try and “zoom-in” with fingers)
  • Increase in mobile conversions rates
  • Most importantly, an increase in sales leads via mobile devices

How much does a responsive website design cost?

All of our websites are now coded as responsive, mobile-friendly websites. That means there is no additional cost to develop your website as mobile responsive. Any quote you receive from us will automatically account for this at no additional cost to you.


We will be happy to! We can review your current coding and other factors, to determine the best course of action to develop a responsive website experience for your customers. Contact us for an over-the-phone or in-office free responsive website consultation. We love getting to know our clients in person, so if you’re in the Houston area, please schedule an in-office consultation.

Why Hyperlinks Media for my responsive website design?

We have been in business 20 years and have had thousands of projects entrusted to us. Hyperlinks Media’s Houston web development team is highly skilled at coding and programming responsive websites that function across all mobile devices. In addition, we will provide you with excellent customer service. Our 5 star Google reviews and 6 BBB Awards prove it!

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Our website responsive design services are the best! From responsive graphic design to the latest in responsive mobile coding technology, we can provide you and your customers a mobile-friendly website environment. We invite you to contact us for a free website consultation.