Having the most well-designed website in the world won’t get you very far if potential customers can’t find it. Our Houston SEO consultants will guide you and/or your web development team to achieve more traffic, visibility and rankings, thusdramatically increasing leads and sales!

How SEO consultanting help me?

Our SEO Consultants will help you by discussing and understanding your online goals, industry, and your company to begin to formulate an SEO marketing strategy. They will analyze, review, and provide expert advice, guidance, and recommendations in order for you to improve your organic search traffic and rankings. SEO consultations can save you an enormous amount of time and money while increasing your revenue from your website by achieving your goals faster!

What do your SEO Consulting Services include?

Below is a general description of our SEO consulting services. Further down this page is a more in depth list of what SEO consulting services can include but are not limited to.

  • Consultation of your SEO strategy: Not sure what you need? No problem. We can set up a kickoff discussion in person or my phone to discuss your SEO goals. We will also help identify and suggest other SEO & monetization opportunities that you may want to consider. Finally, we will create a short-term and long-term SEO strategy for a successful digital marketing campaign.
  • SEO audit: We compile an in-depth analysis of your site’s on-site and off-site optimization and locate immediate areas for improvement. We understand that no two industries are alike, so the audit will also consider your competitors to help identify additional SEO opportunties in your industry.
  • Keyword research and analysis: Perhaps the most daunting, yet extremely important task in search marketing is keyword research. Our SEO team can do the research for you and provide you with a list of the most competitive keywords, highest converting keywords, and long-tail keywords; which is known as “low hanging fruit” that most companies fail to target and can have some of the highest conversion rates.
  • Competitive Analysis: We can provide you with a break down of your competitions rankings, backlinks, on-site SEO, off-site SEO and more which will help you identify additional opportunities and tactics that you may want to implement.
  • Review of your backlink portfolio: We can provide you with a backlink website report that will identify good backlinks and toxic backlinks. In addition, we can consult you with strategies on how to get awesome backlinks from high domain authority websites.
  • Website Redesign guidance: Does your site rank competitively and now you’re terrified of redesigning your website because of the possibility of losing your rankings? Let us create a redesign strategy document and URL map to implement in your redesign process and work with your web developer to ensure the impact is nominal or hopefully beneficial when you do take that leap.
  • SEO Strategy Implementation: We can develop a clear direction for implementing your SEO strategy by identifying what areas should be implemented first as well as subsequent steps. We can also guide your web developer for any assistance they may need for implementation.
  • SEO Tool Recommendations: The search marketing industry is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of SEO tools to help track, analyze and improve your keyword rankings. We can suggest the best SEO tools for your strategy based on your SEO manpower and budget.
  • SEO consultation retainers for quick responses: Do you want to have a knowledgeable SEO Consultant that you can reach out to at a moments notice before implementing any changes to your website? We offer SEO consulting retainer contracts as part of our SEO consulting services. Your retainer allows you priority consultation services and reports.

Should I use an SEO Consultant near me?

Hiring an SEO Consultant near you is optimal, but not a must. The ability to meet one another in-person to have SEO strategy discussions is obviously a bonus, however if you choose a digital marketing agency that is far from you but specializes in SEO and is reputable, then that is okay too. Keep in mind that most agencies will charge an additional amount for traveling expenses to your business.

Houston business owners looking for SEO consulting near me are in luck! As Houston SEO consultants, local business owners are invited to schedule an in-office meeting to discuss their SEO goals. If you are located elsewhere in the U.S. we invite you to contact us and schedule an over-the-phone SEO Consultation.

How many SEO consultations should I need?

It depends on 2 areas. The first is the current condition of your website itself and its current position in search engine results page. Second is reviewing your goals and objectives and then determining the amount of competition you are up against for your goals.

What remains constant over time is the need to achieve higher Google search engine rankings, maintain the rankings, get more of your content discoverable, create lasting results, and improve customer conversion rates to generate new business leads all-while operating in an onslaught of increased online marketing competition. This means that while one SEO consultation can dramatically help you get started in achieving your goals, in most cases, you will need more consultations over time. It is recommended to have at least one consultation each quarter to review your progress and determine further actions needed to consistently improve your overall SEO results.


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What will my SEO Consultant review?

Below are many areas that may be reviewed depending upon the initial website audit and which areas you are most interested in. While this list covers many SEO areas, it still does not cover all the infinite areas that can be examined. However, this list will be adequate for most business websites.

  • Understand your marketing objectives. Discuss your objectives and goals, review industry competitive position, business niche, brand awareness and brand competitive advantages. SEO goals should be measurable, realistic, and achievable.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis. Perform keyword discovery to include competitive high traffic keywords, identify new potential long tail keyword targets with low competition (low hanging fruit). Research alternative search terms and keywords.
  • Keyword Mapping. Map keyword phrases to individual web pages to stay organized on specific topics. Keyword planning and implementation prevents keyword cannibalization problems later and strengthens content silos.
  • On-page optimization. Audit On-Page SEO elements such as H-tags, meta-tags, image alt tags, code and text structure, keyword phrases, keyword density, latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords, long tail keywords, and keyword synonyms.
  • User Experience. Review and suggest optimization to improve website user experience to minimize page abandonment which lowers bounce rate, increases page views, increase visitor time spent on site, increases click through rates (CTR) and increases conversion rates, which all together increasing leads.
  • Diagnose Technical SEO issues. Review website for canonicalization, pagination, 404 errors, 301/302 Redirects, crawl errors, broken links, toxic links, server errors, duplicate content, robot.txt file, incorrect site maps, missing alt attributes, poor URL structure, slow website speed.
  • Schema Markup. Review local schema markup, JSON-LD or microdata structured data.
  • Website Audit. Examine website’s visibility, keyword rankings, domain authority, traffic statistics, backlinks profile, page speed, and detect a wide range of errors.
  • Competitive Analysis. Audit competitors’ websites to determine strengths and weaknesses in order to create additional SEO tactics. Compare key word rankings and backlink profiles.
  • SEO-Friendliness. Review website to eliminate technical code errors. make sure pages have been indexable by Google and that content is not unintentionally blocking web robots. Ensure important content is easily discoverable and accessible.
  • SEO content analysis. Review for effective headlines, metatags, paragraph subheadings. compelling unique title tags, meta descriptions, and H-tags to increase clicks in search results. Check readability score and natural language conversational tone used by searchers conducting voice search queries.
  • Page Content. Coaching to improve existing website optimization via existing content. Suggestions for original, unique, added-value content, content pagination for increased page relevancy, proper line spacing, and page readability score. Also discuss evergreen content and how to create an influ encer network to obtain high authority backlinks to your content.
  • Call-To-Action (CTA). Discuss how to emphasize benefits over features to boost conversion rates. Additional CTA’s such as; receive free quote, free download information documents, videos, diy info, tips and tricks, etc.
  • SEO Strategy. Provide ongoing consulting and guidance for your SEO strategy with incremental changes to improve along the way. Propose digital marketing campaign strategy, tactics, and timeline schedules. Evaluate progress based upon actions implemented. Recommend third-party experts for specialized services when needed to create an effective digital marketing campaign.
  • Tracking SEO modifications. Using data tags as SEO changes are implemented, we can review the effectiveness of those modifications and determine if the results were negative or positive. In doing so, the strategy can then be continued as to improve results or easily modified results where less than positive.
  • Redesign & Development. If you are redesigning your website we can consult you on the do’s and don’ts of the redesign process. This can be critical of you currently have good rankings, visibility and traffic.
  • Local SEO. Review Google Pack your Google Knowledge Pane. Check local pack rankings. Suggest improvements and hacks to knowledge panel.
  • SEO Tools. Discuss available on SEO tools and which ones that best fit your internet marketing needs in addition to must have SEO tools suchs Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Trends
  • Link Building and Networking. Our SEO Consultant can advise you on how to develop a backlink profile targeting high domain authority websites and how to create a network of influencers that will increase your website traffic.
  • Website Functionality. Make recommendations for a user friendly website by reviewing navigation, on-page layout, and ease of use. Discuss specifications for visually appealing content that’s professionally presented.
  • SEO Troubleshooting. Examine multiple factors, potential problems, and issues to identify areas that could be negatively impacting search engine rankings and how to correct the issues.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Review Key Performance Indicators such as traffic sources, top anchors, top referring domains, top organic keywords reaching Google #1 – 5 positions.
  • URL Map. if you are redesigning your website we can consult or create a URL Map so that any changes to the URLs of existing pages on your site will have minimal impact on your Google Search results.
  • Mobile Search: Responsive Web Design is critical for achieving higher in rankings. We will review your mobile architecture to make sure your website is 100% mobile friendly, check mobile functionality, review mobile design, and check for proper call-to-actions
  • SEO Reports. As part of our consultation services, we can provide you monthly SEO reporting. We can provide you with just about any type of reporting you want. We can also make recommendations on what might be the most important to you.
  • Content Distribution. Discuss content marketing on how to best promote your content over different marketing channels such as: video portals, social media, email newsletters, display advertising, remarketing, public relations, blogging, industry influencers, etc.
  • Online reviews. Check online reviews for reputation management and coach you on how to obtain more reviews and take advantage of bad reviews.
  • Quality Control. Quality control the SEO implementations. Confirm tasks are successfully and correctly completed based upon the agreed recommendations. Website Security. Recommend website security such as SSL, proxy server, malware protection and website backups. Ensure you can access all files via control panel.
  • Hosting & Domain. Review hosting company’s reputation of quality hosting solutions. Recommend a new web host if website speed load time is slow.Review your domain name registrar contacts associated with your domain. Ensure you are the “owner” of the domain name and that you have full control over it.
  • Team Work. We can collaborate effectively with team members associated with your company. Team members commonly include the business owner, web designer and developer, marketing agency, social media team, copywriter. etc. We can also participate in digital marketing team meetings.
  • PPC Consulting. As Google Adwords Certified Consultants we can also assist you with setting up a new campaign or review and/or optimize an existing campaign.
  • SEO Budget. If you are currently under an SEO contract, we can review your contract and budget to give insight and an opinion if you should not renew contract,increase services of contract, or decrease services of contract.
  • Realistic SEO Expectations. We can help you understand the on-site and off-site SEO process and realistic expectations from your SEO agency. In addition, you will learn what SEO advertisements to steer away from such as guaranteed rankings or extremely low cost SEO services.
  • SEO phone consulting. At anytime you may schedule a call for an SEO consultation to discuss any concerns you may have. If you have an SEO retainer with us, you will receive priority scheduling calls and in most cases can speak to an SEO Expert the same day.


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How much experience do your SEO Consultants have?

All of our SEO Consulting Experts are required to have at least 5 year experience in the SEO field. They are also required to keep up with the fast changing pace of SEO updates, trends and requirements released by Google. In addition, they all actively perform full-service Search Engine Optimization Services for our clients.

After my SEO consultation, can I hire you to perform my SEO services?

Absolutely! We would be honored to have your SEO services and we will be happy to apply your SEO consultation fees towards our initial SEO setup fee. If you have used our consultation services before and have implemented our SEO recommendations over the course of your consultations, there may be little or no initial SEO set up cost required.

Why trust Hyperlinks Media for my website SEO?

As Houston SEO Consulting Experts, local businesses can entrust Hyperlinks Media to provide the best in search engine marketing. We are a full-service marketing agency and have been in business for more than 20 years working with companies across all industries to help improve their organic rankings. We are not a here-today-gone-tomorrow company. We have received many SEO awards and 5 Awards of Excellence from the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, we have excellent Google Reviews from our clients. But we’d like to think our true value and trust comes from being an organic marketing partner for your company.

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