CRS Texas


A leader in its industry, CRS Texas is a great example of what our effective website design and redesign can do for a B2B company. CRS Texas sells POS Systems and Services to other businesses. Their previous website attempted to store product and service information as well as excessive copy and pages making for a crowded web design and lengthy user experience. Among filing their initial design concept form, CRS Texas expressed that they wanted to make their website easy to navigate, visually compelling, and mobile responsive for the user. One of their biggest desires was to ensure that customers could visit the website, know exactly where to go for the product or service they want, and find the product easily without having to go through so many web pages and copy like that of their last website.

Our Houston web designers have enacted various high-quality B2B web designs. We were excited to transform the website into one that would be most effective for the growth of the 20-year-old credit card merchant company. The theme of the b2b website would be clean, corporate, and very professional. We were able to reduce the number of pages on the website by simplifying the previously oversimplified product and services pages. Call-to-actions were strategically placed to make it easier for website viewers to know exactly where and how to further engage with the business. The final product stands to be a state-of-the-art clear and concise web design that embodies the professionalism of the b2b credit card merchant company and makes it easy for prospects of the website to further engage with the business.

When you’re ready to spark a web design for your credit card merchant business that makes it easy for prospects to further engage with your business, contact us to get a free quote today.