Roger Clemens Foundation


Cutting edge nonprofit web design isn’t simply about visual appeal but about making a bigger impact. We are always happy to enact this impact with our nonprofit clients and working with the Roger Clemens Foundation on their nonprofit web design was no different. The Roger Clemens Foundation benefits children’s charities and military family groups by raising funds through events, donations, memorabilia, and more. When this organization came to us with their website design concept form they communicated that the website would need to be professional, clean, and corporate looking but that it also needed to exhibit a family friendly appeal. They wanted to appeal to people of all ages, making them feel welcome enough to engage with the brand. This is what nonprofit web design is all about and our houston web designers delighted in working on the project to ensure this would be the case.

Various elements of the web design were carefully considered to ensure that every part of the web page is reflective of the nonprofit agency and what it offers. Our designers consider multiple factors like accurate brand representation and modernization, placement of calls-to-actions, and donation goals in making the most perfectly suited web design for our clients. Because this nonprofit website would also be ecommerce, our designers made sure to optimize the design so users would have an easy shopping experience. Once we presented the nonprofit ecommerce website design to the Roger Clemens Foundation, it was clear they loved the design as much as we did. Certainly, it was a much needed modern upgrade to the outdated website they toted before.

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