Potter Country Store

Website: http://www.pottercountrystore.com/

Potter Country Store sports an ecommerce website that sells deductible pecans in all kinds of assortment and variety. They attempted to capture their brand and the enticing appeal of their food through their original web design but, conversion rates were displaying that users weren’t responding well to the look. A website redesign would need to be enacted. When Potter Country Store contacted our ecommerce web design team, they made it clear that they wanted to convey an easygoing, slightly humorous, and country-themed aesthetic. Our web designers made sure that every aspect of the design from the colors to the graphics, to the fonts chosen, would bring out the brand in a vibrant way.

Good ecommerce web design service, especially those targeted towards websites in the food industry, can only drive conversions if the products are displayed in such a way as to invite the viewer to reach through the screen and eat them right then. We are adamant about selecting imagery that is unique to the business and most importantly, appearing alluring and delectable. Whenever we are tasked with completing an ecommerce web design, we ensure that our client is satisfied with every detail and even more so, that their visitors will be as well. The Potter Country Store ecommerce website of today is a fun, inviting, nutty website that keeps churning prospects into leads with its magnetizing design.

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