Marty’s Jackpot


There is an insurmountable amount of pressure placed in food ecommerce website design to represent and encapsulate the essence of the brand distinctly and with alluring appeal. Marty’s Jackpot is a brand of signature seasonings that also sells apparel. When they embarked on their search for a reliable team of website designers, they already contained a logo and a vision for their website. When they came to Hyperlinks Media, they made it clear that they wanted their website to be professional, clean cut, and corporate while also exhibiting showing their fun, family-friendly nature.

Our website designers worked closely with Marty’s Jackpot to ensure that the design would provide an easy user experience. An ecommerce website design is not effective if it is not engineered to guide the user in making a purchase. We want the user experience to be so pleasant, it easily inspires these sales to take place.

To deliver a finished product that would be as bold as the brand itself, our coders enacted various effects on the website all centered around the theme of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. Continuing this casino theme of the brand, the lights contained a flashing feature. The menu options contained a rotation feature similar to that of a slot machine as well. With each ecommerce website design we do, we tailor features according to the user as this will likely be the first time they interact with the brand, therefore, it is essential to provide a memorable experience. Poor website design simply leaves a poor impression of the brand as a whole, regardless of how great the product may be.

Once all finishing touches were complete, Marty’s Jackpot was left with a website that reflected the “Wow!” feeling buyers get from their delicious seasonings. Are you ready to get the same reaction with your food ecommerce website design? Contact our team of expert Houston website designers here at Hyperlinks Media today to get started!