Cadeaux de France


Most Houston ecommerce website design companies focus on the visual appeal of a website without considering lead generation. People are often shocked to find out that two go hand in hand. Sure, a good looking website can draw the eyes of prospects but drawing the eyes and keeping them there are two different things. Here at Hyperlinks Media in Houston, our web designers build each ecommerce website ensuring that the design reflects the brand, but also that the user experience is tailored towards generating sales (not simply gazing website visitors).

When Cadeaux de France, a personal shopping company, came to our web design experts they expressed their desire for a website that would portray the beauty and elegance of France and its incredible shopping scene. Our designers acquire this information through a concept form that we give to our clients upon initial web design request. This is our way of placing the initial concept for the website design in our client’s hands before we bring it to life, adding in elements that compliment the design as well. Our houston ecommerce web designers formulated an elegant website built to convey french luxury in an easy-to-navigate design. As we always do with our clients, we heavily communicated with the Cadeaux de France team to ensure the web design was both adored by the owners and would be by the user. Once the personal shopper business approved of their design, it was time for our web coders to take it over. Our coders ensure the site operates speedily, incorporate engaging CSS features, and make the website mobile friendly so users are able to have a reliable site across all platforms. This website continues to bring in valued business for Cadeaux de France today thanks to its easy user experience and engaging layout

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