Katy Oaks Dental

Website: https://www.katyoaksdental.com

Katy Oaks Dental was established in the early 2000’s and their original website design reflected so in appearance. This outdated dentist website appearance paired with the website’s original unfriendly user interface contributed to the five-star-rated company’s unreflective online representation. Katy Oaks Dental came to Hyperlinks Media in need of a dentist website redesign that would reflect the modern and professional environment of their dentist office. Katy Oaks also wanted it to be easy for users, both new and returning, to schedule appointments online both from a computer and straight from their mobile (unlike what their previous website allowed for).

Our team worked to create a custom coded website design that Katy Oaks could be proud to refer prospects, leads, and patients to. We ensured that it would be easy for users to schedule an appointment with the company right from the website. By adding a call to action followed by the company phone number at the top of the website, immovable regardless of the page users engaged with, we made it easy for users to dial a number at the drop of a dime. If potential clients are unable to call, they have access to a contact form we implemented on the site through which they can receive an email response to their inquiries. The home page also features an image rotation used to introduce patients to the Katy dentist office, making them more familiar with the company. The result was a clean-lined, warm-toned, user-friendly web design, easy to navigate for those inquiring about the dentist office and those attempting to use more of their services. If you are ready to enact your professional dentist web design, contact us today to see what we can do for you.