Holman Street Baptist Church

Website: http://www.holmanstreet.org

Holman Street Baptist Church is a church that focuses on the healing power of God. The church heralds miracles, the power of Christ and sharing His message to the masses, so they turned to Hyperlinks Media to redesign their website when they decided that the church needed a web presence more adequate than their outdated site to disseminate their content to a broader audience. When Glory House came to Hyperlinks, we redesigned their website with their potential congregants in mind by implementing the best in CSS, PHP, and HTML coding. We added numerous ‘Call to Action’ tabs including one for prayer requests, contact information and links to interact with the ministry on all of their social media channels. Additionally, we added a feature for visitors to the site to have a log-in so that they could register for events and even purchase things through Holman Street Baptist Church online. If your congregation is ready to connect online, contact us today forĀ church web design!