Casa Calderoni Bed & Breakfast


Casa Calderoni B&B were unsatisfied with the amount of clicks and reservations they were getting on their old website, so they sought out Hyperlinks Media to redesign their site for them and give them a sleek and modern appeal. Hyperlinks applied the best in HTML, PHP, and CSS in order to give their website a fresh redesign that reflected the bed and breakfasts’ quiet hospitality and refined taste in fine art. In addition to the redesign, Hyperlinks Media also created an accommodations page for Casa Calderoni so that visitors could see exactly what they were to expect with each room. Each room’s page has several photos on it to showcase the unique atmosphere and different style that each rooms offers.

The pages also have a “Reserve Now” button that leads to a third party site so that the visitor can book their desired room right away. Hyperlinks Media also created a gallery section that can be accessed through an custom built database, so that the Casa Calderoni staff can add pictures and descriptions of their establishment. If you are in the hospitality industry and are looking for a new website or a website redesign, contact Hyperlinks Media today and request a free quote on your bed and breakfast website design.