Arc of Katy


One of the best parts of enacting a nonprofit website design is knowing that it will serve as the online face of the agency. After all, the goal of a nonprofit web design is to widen impact and there is no greater way to do this than to ensure that your nonprofit agency has a bold and attractive online presence. While all of our web designs are targeted towards user experience, the users vary as the industries do in terms of what type of information and tools they hope to find in a website. The Arc of Katy already exhibited a website prior to coming to our web design experts here at Hyperlinks Media. The only issue was that the website appeared fairly outdated and therefore portrayed an almost nonexistent agency as most outdated websites tend to portray online. Our web designing masterminds were more than excited when this nonprofit agency in Houston submitted their concept form for their new and improved web design, as this meant a chance to enact a much bigger impact for such an awesome organization.

The Arc of Katy is a charity that provides services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They host multiple events during the year, offer memberships, and provide opportunities for volunteers. When they submitted their website for a redesign they made it clear that they wanted a professional and corporate website design in which they could showcase themselves as the corporation that they are. They also, however, wanted to exhibit the family friendliness and fun that their corporation exhibits. Ordinarily considered a tricky task, the combination of this desired theme was a delight for our designers to work on and implement. Once they were presented with the final product, we were happy to see the Arc of Katy thrilled with their design.

Once all was coded, the website was made live. It continues to serve as a platform for which greater impact can be made today, as people know the Arc of Katy is still very much active thanks to their easy-to-navigate modern website design.

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