To help nonprofits achieve more of their goals by maximizing digital marketing on their behalf.

Tell Me More!

Our MISSION:MORE! program allows our nonprofit families to access an enormous amount of digital marketing resources at free or reduced fees. We do this by incentivizing other companies to work with MISSION: MORE! to bring them a large volume of our nonprofit families. Inturn, they can reduce fees and offer some free benefits as well.

In addition, MISSION:MORE! works with our nonprofit families in implementing and maintianing these online services at free and/or dramatically reduce fees!

PROGRAM Benefits


Google Ad Grants works just like Google Ads online advertising, by displaying your message to people who are searching for nonprofits like yours. If you’re a qualifying nonprofit, you’ll receive $10,000 USD in in-kind Google Ads advertising every month. 

  • Nonprofits that qualify receive $10K per month in PPC advertising
  • Free Google G Suite Services
  • Google One Today – No fee to collect donations online

MISSION:MORE! gives you…

  • No application fee ($800 value – No charge)
  • No campaign setup fee ($1500 value – No charge)
  • No setup fee for G Suite ($200 value – No charge)
  • No setup fee for Google One Today ($300 value – No charge
  • 33% Savings on campaign management fee ($1500/mo reduced to $1000/mo)

Facebook fundraising and donations tools are only available to charitable organizations based in certain locations. If your nonprofit qualifies for donation tools, your charitable organization will receive dontations via Facebook with NO FEE. 

  • Donation Tool – No fee to collect donations online

MISSION: MORE! gives you…

  • No setup fee ($300 value – No charge)
  • 33% Savings on campaign management fees

Shopify works with MISSION:MORE! to offer reduced fees for nonprofits on tranaction fees when using a 3rd party payment provider. There are also lower fees on Shopify payment credit card rates. 

  • Lower Shopify Payments credit card rates (Shopify plan rates instead of the Basic plan rates – Shopify plan feature)
  • 1% transaction fees if the merchant is using a 3rd party payment provider (instead of 2% on the Basic plan – Shopify plan feature)
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts (instead of 2 – Plus plan feature)
  • Real-time Carrier Shipping (Advanced plan feature)

MISSION: MORE! gives you…

  • No fee to assist in implementing any of the above services
  • 25% Savings on ecommerce design and development fees


Hyperlinks Media offers 25% off of all website design and development services for nonprofits that qualify and implement the Google Ad Grant. This is in addtion to the services we offer above with our partner companies.

  • Website design and development services – 25% savings
  • Website updates or fixes to nonprofit existing website – 25% savings