The Hyperlinks Media brand and core values relates to the company and how we behave as individuals on a day-to-day basis towards each other and to our clients or anyone who has a stake in our company.

Trust & Integrity

The most important of our core values is Trust & Integrity. Trust is the foundation of our success. We trust in ourselves and in each other. We are trustworthy, loyal and respectful to one another and our clients.

Our clients’ trust in our capabilities. Therefore, we believe in complete honesty, consistency, and reliability under any circumstance. Our trust creates integrity.

Ethics and compliance

We align our actions with ethical principles and criteria. We orient ourselves on the principles of common moral responsibility and respect applicable laws, standards and rules. We conduct ourselves with professionalism with our team members and our clients at all times


Competence is prerequisite for excellence. Technical competence is the basis of our company. Creative competence is our door to innovation. Social competence assures our long-term success.


Personally Committed: we achieve our goals through everybody’s strong commitment, by continuously developing our personal capabilities and by acting as entrepreneurs within the company. Having the drive to want to succeed and grow.

Team Oriented: we trust in the power of working as a team. Teamwork helps us use synergies and potentials in the company. Teamwork does not release from personal responsibility, instead it strengthens it, by knowing others are relying on you just and much as you are relying on them.


An idea, an invention, a new product or a new service alone is not an innovation. A new service or a new product becomes an innovation as soon as it is successful on the market and is profitable. We apply our total know-how and experience efficiently and effectively within the entire company in order to continuously bring new services or enhanced existing services to our clients.


Communication and information are necessary for company coordination as well as project coordination and are prerequisites for all of our actions. Communication is one of the most effective and valuable actions within our company. Communication allows projects to move along efficiently and correctly. We prefer direct personal communication, however emails are also an essential communication channel. The more the communication, the better.

Client Oriented

We concentrate on the individual requirements of our clients. We help our clients enhance their competitiveness and their strengths. We contribute to the success of our clients. We are committed to deliver excellent services. We combine our unique capabilities in customer care and the development of our services with advanced technologies and innovations. We are close to our clients, whenever and wherever we are needed.


We employ people from different countries and cultures and appreciate and learn from the differences in our cultures. No matter our backgrounds, we come together as one team to help create a successful company together. By doing so, we all succeed.